About Us

We bring our love of the countryside, the natural environment and seasons together,  restoring our small piece of paradise and the land we love and live on, back to where it should be.


We have a terrific herd of around 200 goats – from cheeky pygmies, to elegant Anglo Nubians, Golden Guernseys and Bagots as well as others. Our herd are fed on a natural diet and are left pretty much to their own devices, in order to grow and breed naturally


We are lucky enough to enjoy the meat from our own animals – lamb and beef and you can’t get any shorter food miles than that. We do not feed them antibiotics (unless they need them) and they eat a natural diet.

How We Work.

We are not an open farm, Thrift is predominantly our home so we are not open to the public, so if you would like to discuss any of our animals, you must call Daniel first on 07889 640199 and he will love to talk to you

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