You are welcome to book a what’s app call or a visit with us to choose your goats and as we have all the relevant licenses we can deliver your goats to you (charges apply). Call us on 01206 625016 or 07889 640199 to book your call or visit (by appointment only as we are not an ‘open’ or farm park

We have a terrific herd of around 200 goats – mainly pygmies, but also Anglo Nubians, Golden Guernseys, Bagots and others.

Our herd are fed on a natural diet and are left pretty much to their own devices – apart from medical intervention when necessary

We sell our stock on once we have invited you to the farm to view what we have available. First we ask you for your name, address, telephone number, email address and CPH number. If you do not have a CPH number we can advise you on how to obtain this (free via the DEFRA helpline), but you MUST have it before our goats leave us. This is a legal requirement.

We then ask you to agree a time to meet with Daniel here at the farm. We are not an open farm, nor are we a farm park and we do not accept speculative visits.

You can then see the available goats – from billies through to adult nannies as well as wether and nanny kids, discuss your requirements with Daniel and make your choice. You will then agree a date and time to collect or for us to deliver (charges apply).

You will receive an invoice from us for the deposit for your animals, as well as an invoice for the balance.

We accept payment via BACS & but all must be settled before the animals leave us here at the farm

You will receive full paperwork on your goats, they will travel with you on a valid Animal Movement License and we will advise you who and where to send your paperwork on to at DEFRA/APHA. It is your responsibility that you complete this paperwork and send to the relevant authority

We will advise you on your goat care, welfare, feeding, husbandry, housing etc and Daniel is available for follow up – he’s right there at the end of the phone to help you along the way, if you need him.

Available Stock: 

Prices are dependent on the age and sex of the stock available so please call us for details on 07889 640199 or email us at sales@thriftfarmholdings.co.uk 


If you are looking for some fresh lines in your herd then do please contact us for info on either sales or rental of our billy goats

If you are interested in our GOATS please email us on sales@thriftfarmholdings.co.uk or call 07889 640199